Coaching for women who are too hard on themselves.

As an athlete and a career woman myself, I’m going to guess that discipline and hard work come naturally to you. But I’m also going to guess you may find yourself unrealistically striving for perfection, and then putting yourself down for never being good enough. Perhaps you get overwhelmed, tired and anxious. Even in your best moments, you don't take the time to acknowledge how amazing you are!

I work primarily with women who are athletes and have a career, friends and family, and struggle with taking on a teeny bit too much and being a little too hard on themselves.

My clients are hard working and accomplished, and they have a lot to feel happy and satisfied about. But, often, they don’t. My clients are always looking at how they could have done better. They doubt and judge themselves and then take on even more and end up busy, dissatisfied and exhausted.

If being hard on yourself isn’t really working for you anymore… 

If you are tired of this and want to change, coaching can help you. Coaching is not just for corporate performance or sports instruction. It’s also for people who want to get more out of life. Through coaching, you can experience: 

  • Feeling balanced and having more time; being more relaxed and less stressed

  • Feeling good enough. You can stop comparing yourself to others and stop feeling as though other people are better than you.

  • Being confident that taking care of, and focusing on yourself is not selfish

  • Valuing yourself – looking after your own needs and letting people know how they can support you

How does this help you?

When you care deeply for yourself, define success in your own terms and measure growth against yourself, you…

….Trust yourself to listen to your needs and put yourself first.  

….Feel satisfied with your productivity instead of always feeling like you should be doing more.

….Measure growth against yourself, not others, and know when to celebrate because your definition of success is clear.

….Go after sports goals with full commitment, in a healthy, sustainable way that emphasizes longevity and joy, instead of exhaustion and not feeling good enough.

…Feel happier, healthier and have a lot more fun.

When you’re not so hard on yourself…

I have seen many women significantly change their relationship with themselves and become happier, more relaxed and enjoy their careers, sports and family more. I am one of these women, and I have been working with women just like you and myself for two years. 

There are so many benefits to investing in a coaching relationship:

  • Stay connected to your passion for sports and find far more enjoyment in training and racing, no matter what the results are. You understand what a successful outcome looks like for you.

  • Make clear choices focusing on the things you feel passionate about without feeling guilty or like you should be doing something else. 

  • Drop old beliefs that do not make you feel good! Overcome doubt and negative self-talk, leading to confidence, taking bigger risks, experiencing growth.

  • Trust yourself deeply when you take on new challenges. Instead of holding back for fear of failure you’ll manage pressure and stress without beating your self up.

Since you made it this far, I think you’ll enjoy reading my article: 

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