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  • Surf Ski Molokai in the bag

    Early on in the season, I set my goal as ‘just do it’, without the pressure of a result based on time or overall placing or a best effort. Why was this mindset important in my training and racing experience?

    1. The goal was relevant and attainable. I travelled to New York 6 times in the 9 months before the race, adding an element of physical exhaustion and time pressure that was out of the norm for me. Expecting a ‘best’ performance would have left me feeling stressed during my training and disappointed with my result.

    2. I was able to experience what 32 miles on surf ski is all about and what specific issues might come up over that distance with that discipline. Now, I feel prepared to build a plan for the next time based on experience. Growth and learning.

    I feel confident in my ability to ‘do the distance’ in a Surf Ski and need to adjust my training to ‘do it competitively’ next time.

    2013 was a year of less than ideal wind. North and North West winds meant that when I looked over my left shoulder back towards the southern tip of Molokai I sure was wishing I could turn around and go back! 

    I am so excited to have completed my first Molokai Surf Ski solo – 32 miles from Molokai to Oahu. After 4 consecutive yearly OC1 crossings, I thoroughly enjoyed the new, challenge experience of Surf Ski. I'm hoping next time, it's a down wind screamer!