Coaching Essentials Hong Kong

Transformational Coaching Skills 
Two-day coaching essentials workshop for people who want to create change in the world.

You know what urgency feels like, and you know how important relationships and communication are. That’s because you are an entrepreneur with a cause, a Non-Profit, an educator of the next generation, a business with a purpose beyond profit, or an individual that wants to effect change in the world.

However, you probably face some frustration on your path to fulfill your mission and purpose to make the world a better place. This is where transformational coaching skills come in.

Through our work as coaches we see some common challenges

As someone who wants to make the world a better place you are probably compassionate and giving towards others, and not always towards yourself. We spend a lot of time looking outward, at what we want to change in the world, but we also need strong inner resources to develop resilience and longevity to keep doing the positive work we are called to do.

There are so many - almost too many - important causes, issues and details to focus on. People feel stretched.  It’s so easy to feel pulled and pushed in too many directions, leaving you feeling scattered. This often leaves you feeling like you don’t have nearly enough resources or power to be effective. 

Communicating under the pressure of feeling stretched and stressed is hard. It’s easy to focus on what isn’t working instead of harnessing what could work better. Communicating thoughtfully, listening deeply and feeling in control when you are too busy and stressed are not easy tasks. Somewhere along the line the enthusiasm and fun you had for your mission to make a difference got dampened.

Coaching skills can enhance the impact of your mission 

Wouldn’t it be great not to feel bogged down and overwhelmed by problems all the time? Coaching focuses on assets instead of on problems and seeks to empower people to look inwards to find their own creative solutions.  When you feel empowered and creative about your work you develop resilience to deal with adversity.

Often we listen to others with a focus on problem solving. When we listen in a way that focuses on helping people to discover their own solutions, we move from problem solving to empowering conversations. This allows you to support people to tap into their own wisdom and trust themselves, which in turn, frees you to focus on what you need to focus on. Using coaching skills allows a shift from complaining and limiting beliefs to discovering abundant inner resources and move toward what CAN be done.

See, learn and practice coaching in this two-day workshop

Coaching is a set of skills, a mindset and a facilitative process that helps us be catalysts in a world that is often at odds. Whether at home or work, every interaction is an opportunity to shift our world, individually and collectively. Coaching helps us align our inner and outer worlds by knowing how to listen and what to listen for, by articulating our vision of the future and connecting our actions to our most cherished values.

Organizations recognize coaching as crucial to bringing out the best in the workplace. The benefits of coaching are now experienced in small businesses, schools, families, non-profits, social justice and community development agencies to improve communication, foster more collaborative relationships and empower deep change.

We have endless inner resources and coaching fosters new levels of reflection, awareness, communication, accountability and engagement. It helps individuals identify and build on their strengths and internal resources to make more conscious decisions and take new action.

What make this program unique?

Our coach training is focused on bringing coaching, already well utilized in the for-profit and corporate world, to non-profit, education, social justice and community conscious organizations.

We are culturally conscious. We know that in order to reach people we need to acknowledge diversity, and embrace cultural differences. This builds a strong global community where differences are honored while connecting to our collective desire to see change.

We build a safe, trusting, non-judgmental learning environment, just like the world we want to live in. And because of this you get to experience the power of coaching by jumping in and trying it for yourself right away.

We look beyond “belief systems” and focus on intimately connecting at the mind, body and soul level. People who have trained at our program quickly develop deep relationships with meaning and purpose, shared goals and clear outcomes.

What are the benefits to doing this workshop?

Bring the fun, joy, innocence and inspiration back to your work. You are here to make the world a better place, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed and focused on what is not working. 

A coach approach brings clarity. Building conscious relationship takes away the need to guess what a good outcome will look like, or what someone’s expectations and needs are.  

You can expect to walk away with skills that you can start using right away to deepen your ability to support colleagues, stakeholders, friends, family and yourself.

In addition we often hear the following outcome based feedback:

  • Renewed energy and clarity

  • Enhanced effectiveness, longevity, and balance

  • Stronger networks and communities

  • Having more fun motivating and engaging team members and stakeholders

  • Deeper and more meaningful connection with your self and others

  • Experiencing a common language for change

The Structure of the workshop

This is a two-day group workshop.  In these two days you will:

  • Discover, taste and play with 24 varied coaching skills from the curriculum of our coach certification program CFT – Coaching For Transformation

  • Deepen your understanding and feel the impact of transformational listening

  • Ask empowering questions that help explore new possibilities

  • Learn to structure a coaching session and get lots of practice with your peers

  • Discover how to apply these skills in your home and office immediately.

Dates and Times

The two-day program is being offered on October 24 and 25 in Hong Kong, starting at 9am and finishing by 6pm on each day. We will provide lunch and ask about your food needs when you register and pay.

Our venue partner and location is:

Red Doors Studio Ltd
Floor 21, Lee Fund Center

31 Wong Chuk Hang Road,
Aberdeen, Hong Kong Island


Early bird price up to October 9 HKD2,400

Regular price October 10 onwards HKD3,000 

Registration begins September 24th and the early bird price is available until October 9. 

As a bonus when you attend…

  • You will receive a free copy of the Coaching for Transformation certification program textbook.

  • One free 30 minute coaching session with one of the facilitators of the program

This workshops is right for you if…

You are excited about changing the world and feel a little worn down and would like some new skills not just to mobilize your community, but yourself as well.

You would like to experience a fresh coaching mindset that supports people to break through old habits, become more resourceful and have a positive impact on your community. 

You are curious, connected, and creative and want a mind, body, and soul approach to living, motivating others and fulfilling your purpose.

How to Register

You can register for the two day workshop the following ways:

Online at Leadership that works


Via email to