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I hope you have found value in what you have read on this website.  If you would like to learn more about how I might be able to help you achieve the results you are after, here is what to do:

Schedule a complimentary call with me. On this call we’ll have a conversation to
learn about your needs, priorities, and what results you want to achieve. During this call we can determine if what I offer seems to be enough of a fit to move forward.

If we decide that we do want to work together, then we’ll make an agreement to start our paid coaching relationship together. Our first paid coaching session together is an in-depth discovery session in which we will gather information that will outline the direction of our coaching.

Of course, if you feel this approach is not for you, you won't receive any pressure to move forward.

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You can contact me by phone in the US or Hong Kong, or by email or you can use the secure form below, which is what I prefer. 
Phone +1 808 333 0737 (US) / +852 9497 2768 (HK)

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When you contact me with this form you will not be added to an email list of any kind. Nor will you name be shared or sold to anyone for any reason. I value email privacy.