How I Work

How I work 

I know hard working, successful women when I meet them. They take on a lot and they expect results. They are also really hard on themselves and never feel like what they are doing is good enough. I am one of these women. In my experience, I was missing a few key ways of being to accompany all my doing. This page will give you a sense of what results to expect, what my values and beliefs are and what my approach is like.

If you work with me you can expect these kinds of results: 

You’ll feel balanced. Take on what matters to you so you have right amount of things on your plate. You’ll make decisions that feel amazing, because they are right for you. 

You’ll respect your body and it’s many messages. As a result you’ll have more energy, be in a better mood and enjoy life more.

You’ll measure yourself against yourself instead of other people. Instead of feeling bad about yourself for not measuring up, you’ll be proud of what you are doing.

Whatever you are doing will be the right thing in the moment. You’ll feel present, connected and mindful of your choices.  When you are at work you’ll enjoy work and when you are training you’ll be present for that.

You’ll be realistic about progress and the time frame you expect results. Become patient with growth, and setting goals that allow you to celebrate success and feel proud of what you are doing.

The way you speak to yourself will transform. You’ll accept yourself and you’ll be nicer to yourself. You’ll become your own best supporter and your inner dialogue and your actions will prove it.

How do I approach my work?

The following are some of the ways that are my guiding beliefs or philosophy about training and staying in balance and self respect / self care.

Know yourself. Self-awareness is key. I believe that you have to know yourself inside out and to do this you can’t hide from yourself.  Exam your choices, your reactions,  your triggers. Know what makes you happy, know how to celebrate in a way that works for you.

Create your own definition of success. By doing so, you can comfortably have clear boundaries and loving relationships. Knowing what success is to you is transformational.

Balance is personal. What works for one person, doesn’t necessarily work for another. Since we all have different priorities and energy levels, no one can determine what’s right for you

Trust yourself. The authority for you is inside. Not out there, not with your parents, spouse, boss or friends.

Self-acceptance is freeing. Why fight who you are?

My Coach Approach

I approach life and coaching just like I approach being an athlete. 

Our bodies are the gateway for noticing and self-awareness. The deeper your relationship with your body the more self-awareness you can cultivate. Your body is not separate from your mind and you will learn to cultivate a relationship with your body and treat it with a deep amount of respect and cooperation.

Have a team and strive to be accountable, I will constantly check in with you that what we are doing is what you want out of the coaching relationship. 

You need awareness to know what needs improving. To have awareness you need presence and mindfulness.  Love what you do, measure yourself against yourself, feel gratitude and accept that all the gains come from the rest period.  Learning how much rest and when you need it.

What makes me unique?

Look, women like you and I don’t do vulnerability. It does not come naturally. However, through my inner work I have learned that all the gold is in facing my fears and letting go of the need for control and certainty. This takes courage.  With letting go comes self-acceptance and growth.  

I am professionally trained in a coach approach, and am constantly learning about and studying my profession. And I draw on my own experience with major change, from a corporate career to a self-employed athletic and life coach, to help you. I know the power of this work.

I am fiercely committed to personal growth and self-acceptance. I work with multiple coaches myself. I get what a coach can do through first hand experience.

Now that you know more about how I work and some of the results you can expect, please visit my page that covers what a relationship with me looks like in detail Coaching services