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Find and Fine-Tune Your Approach To Wellness

You have an exciting life living and working in Hong Kong. You know diet, physical and emotional wellbeing are important to a successful life. Your work is demanding, and it’s a priority. Your friends and family are a priority too. But somewhere in all that you need some time for you.

You know your health is important and you pay attention to it. You try to make choices that are healthy, and you don’t always get it right. You are health conscious; you want to look and feel good and you know you can’t burn the candle at both ends for long.

Here are some of the issues I see time pressured and overcommitted people face in Hong Kong

Keeping things in balance when everything is moving so fast can be overwhelming. Sometimes we say yes to too many things. Other times work takes over. Finding the motivation to stick to an exercise program, and follow a healthy diet can be a real challenge.

There is so much information available today about health and fitness. Who do you follow, who do you believe? New diets and fitness regimes are coming out all the time. Everything you could possibly want is available, and yet, it’s still difficult to find balance and wellness. Wouldn’t it be nice to trust that the choices you are making are supporting your health and wellness?

Make better choices for yourself

Wellbeing is a state of mind that can be found at any level of busyness. The trick is to pay attention. The trouble is, we are often too busy to take the time to pay attention to ourselves.

Self-awareness, self-reflection and self-work are mindful platforms for growth. When you understand yourself, it’s easier to prioritize what’s important. Clear values, lead to clear boundaries and that makes finding your sense of balance a lot more simple.

Take time out and invest in yourself  

Workshops help you slow down, so you can reflect on how you are living and focus on your wellbeing, in a positive and encouraging group setting.

I am offering a series of six workshops taking place at the Mandarin Spa. The workshops are designed to nourish you in a structured environment. You’ll discover new things about yourself and you’ll learn skills that will support you in leading a more meaningful, balanced and less stressful life.

Tune in to your body. Listening to your body and recognizing what makes you feel good, and what doesn’t, really improves wellbeing. Eating food that makes you feel energized and satisfied is life changing.

Exercise in a way that meets your needs. When you understand why exercising is important to you, and what your goal is, you can eliminate unnecessary workouts. Feeling confident that you are doing what is right for you is a relief instead of always thinking you are not doing enough.

Staying healthy and happy in Hong Kong is personal and no one size fits all

Often, we are doing what we think we should be doing because someone else is doing it, or we read an article covering the latest trend in health and wellness.

These workshops are designed to help you get in touch with what is important to you about wellness. How you feel, how you want to feel, what your individual needs are, to find true motivation for what you want.

These workshops provide practical information for how to listen to and understand your body more and how to recognize what is optimal for you.

What makes this program unique?

While many programs for health and fitness prescribe formulas to achieve results, these workshops focus on developing your self-awareness. You will not be told what choices to make for yourself. You will learn about yourself. You are your own best authority.

When you develop self-awareness around how you think, eat and move, you can more easily make decisions that support your goals. Rather than give you a one-size-fits-all answer, this series offers a structured environment to explore what works, and doesn’t work, for you.

What are the benefits to joining these workshops?
Once you are clear on not just what you want but also why it’s important to you, you can then find deeper motivation and the willpower for sticking with it. With these workshops you will be able to:

  • Tap into your feelings and needs and uncover your most important values.

  • Learn how to eat right for your body – gain practical tips on how to recognize what foods makes you feel good.

  • Learn how to exercise in a way that works for your life not because someone has told you how fast you need to spin, how much you should be lifting, or how bendy you need to be in yoga class

What's covered in the workshops?

There are three topics in this workshop series, and each topic is covered in two parts. Below are brief descriptions of what to expect:

Nutritional Health - You are what you eat 

A) Be Sensitive How do you want to feel? When you eat certain foods you feel a certain way. In this workshop we want to uncover the many messages our bodies give us, and what they mean. Get in touch with your body at a new level so you can start to receive the messages and take action.

B) Be Clear
 It’s confusing to know what to eat – everyone has a solution but none of them seem to work for you. Knowing how you feel is one thing, and knowing what do you uniquely need to be nourished is another. Building on what learned in part A about how you feel, we’ll help you decode your body’s messages so you can choose food that works for you.

Physical Fitness - Movement matters

A) Be Motivated If you are struggling to feel good about your workout plan, you may be holding yourself to a standard that does not apply to you. What are you trying to achieve and what’s right for your lifestyle? Everyone’s life situation is different, as is his or her tolerance to physical stress. Let’s get clear about what you want to get out of fitness so you find true motivation to make room for it.

B) Be Inspired Do you ever wonder why Yoga works for some people and not for others? Some people love to run, others can’t stand it. We each have a unique range of flexibility, stamina and power. How do you know when to do what and how do you know when rest is the best choice? Based on what you discovered about what you want to get out of fitness in part A, you’ll discover what kind of movement and schedule fits your life and goals right now.

Mental Wealth – Your mindset matters

A) Be Mindful If you would like to feel more committed to your overall health and wellbeing and you find it hard to stay on track because life is so busy, this workshop is designed to help you find true motivation for wellness. Identify what is important to you in relationship to wellbeing. We bring to the surface the values that drive your motivation for wellness so that you can make mindful choices throughout your life.

B) Be Yourself Consistency can be a challenge. What gets in the way of following through with our wellness goals? Here, we look to understand and overcome the challenges that we face. Building on the values we identified in Part A, we’ll address the strategies and actions we are using to meet our needs.

How the workshops are structured

I understand making a commitment to spend time on yourself is a big deal. While the workshops are most beneficial when you take the whole series, if you don’t feel like you have time for all six then I recommend starting with Mental Wealth.

We start the series with Mental Wealth as a foundation for a holistic approach to wellness. This two-part workshop provides greater clarity on your whole life, and gives you a framework for meeting your nutrition and fitness goals.

Every session will follow a similar basic structure

  • A facilitated discussion about the topic.

  • Exercises and activities to working with what you discover.

  • Practical tips and insights.

  • Take-home work for continued growth.

As a bonus...

When you attend both parts of a workshop, you will receive a complimentary 50-minute one-on-one coaching session with me.

Schedule - Dates and Times 

Wednesdays, 7-9pm

Mental Wealth – Part A September 23, Part B October 7

Nutritional Health– Part A October 21, Part B November 4

Physical Fitness – Part A November 17, Part B December 3

Are these workshops for you?

These workshops are best for health-conscious people who want to improve their wellbeing. These workshops are particularly great if you feel like you are struggling and are tired of following trends and advice that don’t work. It’s important that you are willing to look inwards, and want to discover new things about yourself and that you understand a holistic approach to wellness requires commitment.

This workshop series is not for people who

  • Want a quick fix or fast weight loss

  • Want a silver bullet solution

  • Want to blame other people for what hasn’t worked

How much does it cost?

Each workshop costs HKD600. You are highly encouraged to take both part A and B of a topic. When you register for both part A + B of a workshop you'll receive a complimentary 50-minute one-on-one coaching session with me.

Where are the workshops and how do I register?

The workshops will take place at The Mandarin Spa located within Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong. The Mandarin Spa is managing registration. Spaces are limited. Please contact Mandarin Spa to register by calling +852 2825 4888 or by email

Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong
24th Floor

5 Connaught Road 
Central, Hong Kong

You can also email with questions.